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CE Hydraulic Hoist


The CE Hydraulic Hoist offers an economical option for safe, reliable patient lifting. There are wide varieties of slings which allow maximum comfort for the user.


  • Base on 4 wheels allows the hoist to be used in different rooms
  • Removable mast and boom
  • Base spreading adjustment handle spreads the base legs for maximum stability
  • Base spreading adjustment handle closes the base legs for moving the hoist
  • Effortless pump action to lift and release dial to lower
  • Can be used with a variety of different slings
  • Supplied with a comfortable, strong transfer sling
  • Spreader bar maximum height : 175 cm
  • Spreader bar minimum height: 52 cm
  • Typical max height under sling: 138 cm



CE Electric Hoist


The CE Electric Hoist offers an economical option for safe, reliable
patient lifting.


  • Remote control allows the user or carer to easily lift and lower
     the user to the desired position.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to plug and charge the battery
  • Supplied with a comfortable, versatile transfer sling
  • Variety of other slings available
  • Smooth and effortless lifting
  • 150 kg user weight limit




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