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CE Standard Powerchair


The CE Power is manufactured with the latest and most reliable technology in motors, control boxes, joysticks and batteries.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: 36 Amp/hour sealed lead acid batteries
  • Portability: Non-foldable
  • Size:12” – 20”
  • Speed: 7.2 km/hour
  • Weight capacity: 100 Kg


Special Features:

  • Various colour options
  • A Standard Power chair with a tension adjustable backrest

CE Velocity


The CE Velocity is a rigid, motorised wheelchair with extra-large wheels, super powerful motors, mega sized batteries and added suspension.

The Steel Tubular Structure is designed to offer uncompromising strength and durability. The Velocity has been designed around large front castors which allow for excellent access of difficult terrain.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: 2 x 50Amp/hour sealed lead acid
  • Portability: Rigid. Non-folding
  • Size:
  • Speed: 8 km/hour
  • Weight capacity:


Special Features:

  • Superior off-road capabilities with large front castors and rear wheel
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Rear suspension for comfort
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Motorised Tilt in space option

CE Pacer Steel Power


Due to popular demand - all the adjustable features of the Pacer Wheelchair now available in a Power Wheelchair.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: Removable batteries
  • Portability: Foldable
  • Size: Various seat depths and widths (12” to 20”)
  • Speed:
  • Weight capacity:


Special Features:

  • Double cross bar for extra strength and rigidity
  • Various frame lengths
  • Backrest is height adjustable
  • Tension adjustable backrest upholstery
  • Height adjustable armrest
  • Various footrest choices
  • Various rear wheel configurations

Shoprider Smartie


All-new long-life Envirofriendly® battery. The batteries are extremely lightweight, high performance, extended life high energy batteries.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: Envirofriendly® Battery: High-powered and better cycle life Phosphate base Lithium Iron. Charging time: 2 to 4.5 hours
  • Portability: Disassembles into 3 parts for storage or transport.  Very light, 42 Kg (including batteries)
  • Size:
  • Speed:
  • Weight capacity:


Special Features:

  • Rear wheel drive
  • Adjustable seat height, padded full function armrests (width, height, angle adjustable)
  • Adjustable padded seat and armrests.
  • Removable and adjustable fold up footrests.



Adjustable features with a small turning circle. An Aluminium-framed model, streamlined, gives a classic look.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: 12V 34ah x 2pcs, weight 22 Kgs
  • Portability:  63 kg
  • Size: 95 cm height, 109 cm in length, 64 cm width
  • Speed: 6 km/h
  • Weight capacity: 136 kg


Special Features:

  • Swing away legrests and height adjustable armrests
  • Mag wheels
  • Adjustable joystick
  • Back rest height: 40cm
  • Brake system: Electromagnetic
  • Motor size: 3900rpm 200W
  • Overall height: Seat?depth: 40cm,
  • height: 50.8cm, size: 16 and width: 46cm
  • Weight capacity:
  • Turning radius: 61cm
  • Wheel size front: 200 x 50 solid
  • Wheel size rear: 320mm x 60mm

P201 (Tilt and recline)


The P-201 modular construction makes disassembly for maintenance quick and simple, it also allows various seating positions, tilt-in-space and recline.


Basic Features:

  • Batteries: 12V / 22NF x 2 pcs
  • Portability: Foldable
  • Size: Various seat depths and widths (12” to 20”)
  • Speed: 7.3km/h
  • Weight capacity: 136kg


Special Features:

  • Electric seat tilt adjustment from 3.5° – 16.5°
  • Electric back recline adjustment from -5° – 45°
  • Armrest height adjusted range from 8" – 12", width adjustment is 2" from each side
  • Detachable armrest and legrest
  • Brake system: Electromagnetic
  • Ground clearance: 10 cm
  • Maximum range up to: 40 km
  • Motor size: DC24V, 180W
  • Height: 100cm, length: 120 cm, width: 61 cm – 71 cm
  • Seat  - depth: 40 cm, width: 40 cm - 51 cm
  • Weight capacity: 91 kg – 95 kg
  • Turning radius: 61cm
  • Wheel size front: 9, Wheel size rear: 14

Golden LiteRider Personal Transport Chair (PTC)


The LiteRider PTC is easier than ever to transport! This new design creates a lightweight base that disassembles into two pieces with the heaviest piece weighing only 35 lbs! Model GP162 offers a compact turning radius with a robust 300 lb. Weight capacity. For the consumer looking for high quality at a great value, nothing beats the all-new LiteRider PTC!



  • Ground clearance: 6.35 cm
  • Maximum speed: 7.2 km/h
  • Weight capacity: 136 kgs
  • Length: 83.82 cm
  • Width: 57.15 cm
  • Light weight: Weighs only 52.62 Kg
  • Dismantles into 4 separate pieces for loading into a car boot
  • Easy to load into Boot. Heaviest past weights 15,88 Kg
  • Small Turning radius of only 66.04 cm for easy manoeuvrability indoors
  • Swivel seat for easy getting on and off scooter and can swivel to use at table
  • Height adjustable seat for comfort  (2 settings)
  • Battery pack removes for convenient charging
  • Wide tyres for better grip and tyre life
  • Solid tyres which means no punctures.

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