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Aquajoy bath lift


Fits almost any style of bath, even corner baths. Ideal for deep baths - maximum seat height 460 mm. Ideal for shallow baths - minimum seat height 78 mm


  • Bathlift seat locates as far back as possible in the bath, maximising legroom in the bath
  • Can be used with or without cover mats
  • Detachable and can be washed in a standard washing machine up to 60 degrees protecting against unwanted germs and bacteria
  • Easy release suction feet with lifting bar limits stooping and stretching when lifting the bathlift in and out of the bath
  • Lightweight, fully waterproof, floating hand control -comfortable to hold and operate
  • Easy to operate for users with limited dexterity or visual impairment
  • Battery indicator light to indicate when recharging is required
  • Charger indicator light to indicate that the charging is in progress
  • Suitable for adults and children - with adaptable accessories for users with varying needs
  • Weight capacity: 160 kg


Safety feature -

The bath lift will not lower unless there is sufficient charge to raise the client back to the top of the bath

Lotus bath lift


Simple to use. Easy to install. Easy to dismantle for storage or transportation providing a useful mobile bath tool. Provides support for the back while being able to lower and raise into the bath. Non-slipping material on the seat and backrest offers safety and security.


  • Innovative non-slip column lifting system
  • Extremely stable
  • Vertically adjustable reclining back support
  • Easy to operate with a floatable handset
  • Ergonomically formed seat and backrest with neck support
  • Side flap deflectors are supplied as standard
  • Easy and trouble free cleaning
  • Battery operated
  • Weight capacity: 140kg

Bath seat with suction caps


  • Secured by easy width adjusters
  • Made from plastic
  • Rust and splinter free
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable seat width: 48 cm  to 61 cm
  • Seat depth: 23 cm
  • Weight capacity: 190 kg

Bath board


  • Width: 71 cm, depth: 32 cm, adjust: 41 cm - 65 cm
  • Adjustable width
  • Handle for safety
  • Built in soap dish
  • Drainage holes secured by easy width adjusters
  • Made from lightweight moulded plastic
  • Weight capacity: 190 kg

Bath swivel chair


The Swivel Bather is a turning bath seat that allows easy transfer over the bath. The user sits on the seat from the side of the bath and then swivels over the bath for a wash or shower.


  • Rests on any standard bath
  • No fixtures or fittings are required
  • Easy to remove from the bath
  • Easy to clean plastic seat
  • Small drainage holes in seat
  • Non slip arms to secure the seat to the bath
  • Critical turning components are stainless steel to ensure long-term reliability
  • The comfortable seat provides back and arm support and is ideal for people who feel insecure on a bath board
  • There is also an adjustable positioning screw to prevent accidental slipping. At least 1¼” (30 mm) of each arm must rest securely on each side of the bath. The seat locks in both the transfer (facing the side) and the showering position (facing over the bath tub). The locking lever is on the right hand side of the seat but all models can be requested with the lever on the left hand side.
  • No servicing is required
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg


A number of models are available to fit different bath widths:  28”,  26”  and a 24” model — for narrow baths. The Adjustable Width Swivel Bather is rapidly becoming the product of choice for most users.





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