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Incontinence products

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Tena Lady


Much more absorbent than a standard sanitary towel. The specialised QuickDry surface and unique micro pearls neutralise potential odours and lock liquid into the core.


  • Tena Lady Ultra Mini - as discreet as ordinary pantiliners but much more absorbent
  • Tena Lady Ultra Mini is a longer length liner. Shaped to fit and only 3.5mm, it’s ultra-discreet and provides protection for light urine loss
  • Tena Lady Mini Plus - is a longer length pad. Soft, discreet and shaped to fit for comfort, it provides increased protection for small urine loss
  • Tena Lady Extra - Individually wrapped with a fast drying core for freshness is a longer length pad. Soft, discreet and shaped to fit for comfort, it provides increased protection for heavy urine loss
  • Tena Lady Super - with a fast drying core and odour control for freshness. Soft and shaped to fit for comfort, it provides maximum protection for severe urine loss.

Tena Men


Discreet with a highly absorbent core and Odour Neutralizer. Comfortable and specifically shaped to the male anatomy.


  • Level 1 - for light bladder weakness
  • Level 2 - Extra length and width for light to medium bladder weakness

Tena Flex


A breakthrough for skincare and comfort. The ComfiStretch™ elastic in the soft belt follows the body’s movements comfortably. Anatomically designed for an optimal fit, with a unique breathable backsheet that lets the air, not the fluid, circulate. This helps to maintain healthier skin Also, it's all-in-one, there's no extra fixation required.

Tena Pull-up Pants


Ideal for those who prefer the ease of use and security of garment with built in pad, combined with the convenience of a disposable pads. Pull-up pants can be worn just like normal underwear.


  • Reinforced front zone for men
  • Standard (S,M/L) for light to medium leakages
  • Super (S/M/L) maximum protection for severe leakages

MoliMed Comfort- Pads


MoliMed Comfort range with the additional benefit of being particularly skin friendly, due to its soft and breathable covering. The body contoured shape and soft gathers ensures it fits well to the body and has a waterproof backing. Designed to wear within underwear and have an adhesive strip to keep it safely in place.


  • Ultra micro, Micro: for light bladder loss
  • Mini,Midi and Maxi: shaped pads for light to moderate urinary incontinence

Moliform - Soft Range


MoliCare® soft all-in-one briefs that contribute to a healthy skin temperature due to the breathable side panels.The 3-part absorbent core features a special upper layer, which provides a healthy pH-neutral condition and anti-bacterial. Proven to be extremely skin friendly and classed as hypoallergenic, which helps very sensitive skin to remain healthy.


  • Soft and white textile-like backsheet for increased comfort and dignity
  • Re-closable hook-and-loop velcro tabs can be opened and closed several times during wear
  • Soft inner cuffs that help to prevent leakage
  • High absorption capacities thanks to an excellent 3-part absorbent core
  • A wetness indicator that helps you with the changing routine
  • The odour-neutralising formulation of the super absorbent polymer within the absorbent core helps to bind unpleasant odours
  • The range is available in 4 absorbency levels and up to
    5 sizes
  • Available in - normal, plus and super

Molicare Mobile - Pull-up Pants


MoliCare® Mobile pull-up pants


Designed for easy handling, just pull-up and down like normal underwear. These protective pants are ideal if you lead an active and mobile lifestyle and need a reliable and very discreet aid for moderate to severe bladder leakage.

Molicare Air Range and Super Plus


The MoliCare® Air soft range with breathable side panels contribute to a healthy skin temperature. The material used supports the healthy pH 5.5 and is hypoallergenic being suitable for sensitive skin. The elasticised fixation tapes are re-fastenable. A wetness indicator on the waterproof backing enables you to identify when your MoliCare® needs changing.


  • Air Active Extra: XS to XL
  • Air Active Super: S to L

Medical Male Urinal, to prevent spills


  • Essential for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed.
  • Designed to prevent spills
  • Sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions by the patient
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Graduation marks to measure output
  • Can hold up to 1 litre
  • Cap helps confine odours

Slipper or Conventional Bedpans


  • Indicator graduations
  • lightweight and ideal for travel
  • Made from durable hard plastic
  • Easy to clean

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